Thursday, September 08, 2005

Breaking the Silence

Internet! And I discovered that Nita Town owns my phone line. No matter that my apartment is in Yokota, or that, strictly speaking, neither Nita nor Yokota exist any longer. All that matters is what's contained in some computer database somewhere.

I uploaded all of my Mt. Fuji photos from last month. Take a look at them—the view from almost-the-top is still pretty cool.

The typhoon that blew through the other day doesn't seem to have done much damage in Yokota. Classes were cancelled Tuesday, but teachers still had to show up. Classes were cancelled again yesterday, and rather than endure the same mind-numbing boredom as Tuesday, I took the day off. I took today off, too, but only because I slept through my alarm and woke up half an hour after school had started, then found out from my JTE that I didn't have any classes anyway.

I walked to Picco Picco for lunch, craving a hamburger. They have a stash of manga for customers to read, as well as several children's books. Today there was a book I'd never seen before about a cat who lives a million lives, each life full of adventure: sailing oceans, living in palaces in the company of kings, queens; he himself is a king among cats. Then in another lifetime he meets a lady cat, and they fall in love and have lots of little kittens, and they grow old together. And one day she dies... and the old cat cries and cries... clutching her limp body to his belly, huge tears, wet and frantic eyes to heaven, his mouth open wide, the roof of his mouth and his rough pink tongue, he wails... and he dies, too, and never lives again. And I could not look at that picture anymore, so I had to leave.


vanlal said...

Oh goodie! Pictures to see.

Cats are horrible unfeeling creatures aren't they? Just like humans.

Heidi said...

The 9th life is the worst, I'm telling ya.

K said...

Good to see you posting again. That's some deeply emotional cat manga you're reading there!

Emily Watkins said...

The cat story wasn't really a manga, just a children's picture book. The title is 「100万回生きたねこ」 if you ever want to look it up.
And deeply emotional, yeah, I was completely blindsided. I mean, after I translated the title, I was mostly just going off the pictures, though I did try to translate the stuff on the page opposite that one picture. 「ある日、白いねこは、ねこの となりで、しずかに うごかなく なっていました。」 White Cat is the lady cat, but I can't figure out what "ugokanaku natteimashita" means. Any ideas?

Anna Dilemna said...

Just want to say that yours is the best blog name I've seen yet!