Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Gary the Bird: in memoriam

Gary the Bird died on Wednesday, January 11, 2006 from unknown causes. He is survived by Susan the Bird.

Gary was always the noisy one. When I came home and turned on the lights that day, I was a little surprised I hadn't heard from him; usually the sound of the front door sets him off. I set down my bags and turned toward the cage, where I saw them sitting together at the back of the cage. Except Gary wasn't sitting, he was lying down with his eyes half open, and Susan was huddled up behind him, just like she stayed close to him a year ago when he hurt his wing and I thought he was going to die then.

TM suggested I take him to the top of one of the mountains in town and bury him there. I thought it was a little silly then, but now I wish I had.

It's taken her a while, but Susan's gotten a little chirpy again. She liked the Vaughan Williams I played last night. I tried to find her a mirror, but the pet sections of the home supply stores I've been to don't have any. One of them sold a strange plastic parakeet bobble head—just the head—but that was just too depressing for words. I mean, it was purple; even if Susan wouldn't have known the difference, I would have. And probably even Susan wouldn't have been fooled. So I just play music sometimes. We both like that.


Anonymous said...

Condolences, Em. It's amazing how much of a loss a little bird can be in our lives. RIP Gary.
Love, Mom

vanlal said...

Pets are strange things. They can be so annoying when they're around and yet when they're gone...

K said...

Sorry to hear about your bird. I lost my little fish, Genki, quite a while ago. Left my apartment feeling very empty. Was it the cold or was it natural causes?

You could buy a little mirror at the dollar store and attach it with twist-ties or string.

jen said...

think the first time i remember feeling truly sad was when i lost my pet cockatiel.

course i've got an oddly strong affinity for birds which may contribute to things a bit. still upsetting, nonetheless :(

Anonymous said...

Hi Em,

Sorry to hear of Gary's passing. Poor Susan! Poor Emily! Everything is vergaenglich (fleeting) that holds life, but God's love is not so and in that there is great comfort. You can carry your love for Gary in you and so, Gary will have not had existed for nothing.
My deepest sympathies for you and Susan.

Love, Uncle Jon