Thursday, June 29, 2006

A Valuable Lesson

If you tried recently to reach my blog and were greeted with a 404: Page not found, or by a list of Japanese websites and little else, that's because I accidentally deleted my blog on Monday afternoon.

Oh, the humiliation! But more than that, I'd lost two and a half years of public journal in under 2.5 seconds. In a panic, I wrote to Blogger support. It took a few days, but they were able to restore everything, and even return to me my original URL, which had been snagged by a spammer in the interim.

So now the next time I need to change some blog settings from my computer at the Board of Education, I'll remember this:


K said...


Instead of trying to remember the good and bad buttons you should just change blogger over to english.

At the main blogger page, before signing in, at the very bottom, there are about 4 or 5 words you can click. One of these is "change language". You only have to do it once per computer, I think. So ask someone at the BOE which of the kangi it is, then click it and change the setting.

Presto change-o

oook said...

Good to see the blog back!

/me promises to read more often too!

But I like Blogger Support, they've always been helpful to me. In fact, once I was being an ass, and this lady was terribly polite to me over three or four emails until I realised what I was doing wrong!

Anonymous said...

Whew! Love, Mom

Emily Watkins said...

Yeah, I noticed the Change Language option the same day I got the blog back. It must be new? Guess I should maintain a current blog to stay up-to-date on new Blogger options. >_<

I still think it should be harder to delete your entire blog. Like, pull up a field and make me type "delete" (or the Japanese equivalent) before it takes effect. It shouldn't be just two left-clicks away.