Friday, September 08, 2006

This Is an Update...

This is only an update.

I've just moved apartments. Glutton for punishment I am, but it feels good to finally be in a nice place. Unfortunately, I only got this place cos Orasa had to leave.

My internet will be back up by the end of this month. In the meantime, I can pick up scraps at the Board of Education and school.

P.S. How're the new colors working for all y'all?


Anonymous said...

Very Autumnal! Good to hear from you and will be happy when the internet is set up for you again. Love, Mom

Jason H. said...

So, what is that, 3 diff places in 2 years?

How's the new place?

And the new color - I'm not digging it as much.


Emily Watkins said...

Yep, three different places in two years. The new place is much nicer than the last one in just about everyway. The only problem is that, with all the windows providing natural light, it's going to get cold in the winter. And the neighbors are different. The last building I lived in was inhabited mostly by singles, especially folks studying at the nearby design school. But this building has significantly more crying babies....

What about the colors aren't you digging so much? The blue scheme was a Blogger default; I wanted something more original. If you're having problems reading or navigating the blog cos of the colors, or if they're just hard on your eyes (I have difficulty reading white text on a black background), let me know what it is specifically and I'll change it. If you think I should work with a greater variety of colors, or with fewer colors, let me know that, too. If you just don't like magenta... well, too bad. :P

Jason H. said...

yeah - I've always felt a tad guilty at times seeing my neighbors, since all are families with at least 3 or 4 people living in the exact same space I occupy all by myself. And yeah - i hear you on the crying baby thing, but I rarely hear them unless it's quiet in my apt AND i have the windows open.

I guess I'm not digging on the magenta - so I guess I'll learn to deal. :P