Tuesday, August 17, 2004

I Got a Car!


I was bored out of my mind, whiling away the hours by putting sticky tabs in my new traveler's guide to Japanese-type book, when Tokue-san told me he was going to take me to look at cars.

Well, I perked right up. We drove a couple of minutes to a nearby Subaru used-car lot. Tokue talked with the guy who seemed to be in charge, and they went outside and talked for a minute, then went back in, and then Tokue and I returned to the BoE.

I had no idea what had just transpired until lunchtime, when Tokue summoned me outside. In the parking lot sat a small, light blue Subaru (Vivio?); my "new" car. Tokue drove it a little bit in forward and reverse, and then Abe-san came along. They spoke for a minute, then Abe told me that Tokue will be taking me out later this afternoon for a bit of a driving lesson.

I get paid this Friday, but I don't yet know when I will have to pay for it (probably sooner rather than later), or how much it will cost. But I am happy!

In other news, the Japanese men's gymnastics team got the gold medal at the Olympics, narrowly beating out the Americans; it was broadcast here during lunchtime, no doubt so that everyone could watch it. I guess the US was ahead by a bit toward the end, but the Japanese owned the high bar event. I was a little sad to see us lose, but if we had to lose to anyone, I'm glad it was to the Japanese.
Read more about it on this Chinese site.


Anonymous said...

Wow! A car! You couldn't scratch one up here in the US! I'm impressed. When will we see photos of your apartment, the school, the town you live in? Love, Mom

Emily Watkins said...

Not as soon as I would like. :(

The car would have been later in coming, but Tokue did all the hard work. Today, I drove from the Yokota BoE to my apartment in Nita and back. Woo! I also had a spare key made at Juntendo, which is kind of like a cross between Home Depot plus pet supplies and electrical appliances. And stuff. The key was made quickly, so I didn't have much time to wander around, but I did find some nice storage drawers. I'll be back there again soon.

Aubrew said...

Just passing through using the "Next Blog" button and noticed your Blog Title. Absolutely fantastic name!