Wednesday, August 25, 2004


I finally dragged a bunch of photos over from my laptop, and uploaded them to Flickr. If you want to see them all, start at this page and continue on forward; they do not appear in chronological order. Alternatively, you can browse all of my photos tagged "japan"; all of the new ones are tagged thus, but there are a few old ones in there, too.

I have some new new photos I want to upload, but it may be a few days before I can do that.

Tomorrow is Prefectural Orientation in Matsue. Good times to be had.


Jason H. said...

Em -

I dug your photos. Of course, I'm jealous as hell of your cool little car. I'm still struggling to get my Japanese license just so I can legally drive a scooter.

I think a digital camera is my next splurg purchase.

Jason H. said...

Is is possible that the 6800¥ was for ALL 5 melons and not the price per melon?

I did have some honey-dew type melon at an enkai recently and it was damn tasty, but not $68 tasty.

Emily Watkins said...

I'm pretty sure the melons were priced per each. At least my friend Sayuri didn't let on that they weren't.