Tuesday, January 04, 2005

False Alarm

Maybe learning Japanese will help me get a job.

For fun, and cos I was kind of bored, I updated my resume at monster.com a few days ago. Though I'd never before received a cold e-mail from someone who'd read my monster.com resume, today I got one from a Ms. Araki of New York City, asking me to contact her to discuss my "interest in jobs."

It's not all that it seems, of course. Her e-mail was awfully vague, so I checked out the company, Tabata Oxford Personnel, LLC, and it's just another job placement agency. They offer positions in Japan (though none are currently listed on the site), so the new "Japan" in my resume was probably what caught the attention of the search they ran.

Meh. I'm not planning on leaving the JET Program for at least another 19 months, anyway. Just thought I'd get an idea of what might be available for me after I do leave.

Oh, and pretend that it's Monday, January 3rd, at 11:40pm. Cos it is.

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