Monday, March 07, 2005

I can't believe

I just bowed to my supervisor
over the phone.


vanlal said...

Have you ever seen a military man stand at attention when he talks to a superior over the phone?

You are becoming Japanese.

jjs said...

In a way, it's sort of like talking back to the computer, wishing you could hear me when I'm reading your blog.

Re: "Japanerific" ... some people here in the states wished you were hanging around longer during the holidays, so we could have had more than very short conversations with you. Perhaps I can only speak for myself. But I realize you had many people to visit, and only a limited time to see them.
I think "How's Japan?" is short for "Great to see you. How are things with YOU?" But then again, people don't always say what's on their minds. And yet again, I can only speak from my own perspective.

Sometimes I've realized it's easier for people to write than to speak. Know what I mean?

Stay well, and God bless you.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the Japan Club. You are now an official card carrying member.

K said...

I once bowed to the animated lady on the ATM screen.

Emily Watkins said...

Koren - Wow, that is bad. But just gimme another year or so, and I'll be bowing to one of those construction site traffic timer lights.

John - As I recall, you weren't one of the "how's Japan" offenders. So no worries. :)
And yes, I know exactly what you mean.