Saturday, March 12, 2005

One-Point English Conversation Class

Trevor, down in Akagi, does this little mini-eikaiwa on the local television station. He showed us some video clips from a DVD. The shows are mostly kinda boring, with classroom-style English lessons, but in each episode there is a skit. A really funny skit. When we saw them, I fairly begged him to put them online. And now he has.

One-Point English Conversation Class

You'll need to download each one to view it. My personal favorite is "That Stupid Girl."

Someone of influence up in Unnan City caught one of these programs and liked it, so they're going to be broadcast up there soon. How much longer can it be before this crazy show takes Japan by storm?

Edit 3/21/05: For those of you having trouble watching the movies, Trevor recommends downloading the XviD Codec at this site:
You don't need to know what XviD or a codec are; just pick the one you need (for Windows or Mac; if you use a different OS, you probably already know how to fix this problem) and install it.


Jason H. said...

I can't watch em! they're in .avi format which my quicktime can't handle. I'll have to wait until I'm visiting either of your places.

Sometimes my computer, which I love dearly and is my lifeline to the world, can be so frustrating.


Heidi said...

That poor stupid girl! What if Bob leaves her too?? :(