Sunday, February 05, 2006

I heart Guthrie, OK

Was doing a bit of research tonight on Guthrie, Oklahoma on when I came across this gem:
Guthrie, is also known as the bed and breakfast capitol of the U.S.A. and I believe it !! There are many to choose from , old victorian homes renovated, just like the one I am in now writing this to you.
I don't know enough about Guthrie, Oklahoma to feel justified in editing this myself, but I'd sure appreciate it if someone else would.


Anonymous said...

I came across the same post. I'm looking for info on Guthrie because I'm considering buying a house there. I thought that entry was a little less than objective.

Have you any good stuff on Guthrie?

Emily Watkins said...

Sorry, I'm afraid Wikipedia is as far as I got. I was trying to confirm a claim made by a friend: that the state capital of Oklahoma had moved from Guthrie to Oklahoma City because someone stole the state seal from Guthrie and moved it to Oklahoma City. The strange information I found under Wikipedia's entry distracted me from finding out the truth.

Heidi said...

Hmm, I commented on flickr obviously, but I just noticed that it uses capitol incorrectly. Make of this what you will!

Anonymous said...

I was surfing looking for information on some city ordinances for my home town when I stumbled across your blog. I like in Guthrie, OK and love it. I have lived in larger cities including Oklahoma City and Phoenix Az and there is no comparison. My children love it here and so do we. There is always something to do and we are not to far from civilization! There are definitely tones of bed and breakfast places that are old and victorian but there are several new homes being built as well.