Friday, February 24, 2006

Contemplate the infinite while doing a No. 2

And from today's Daily Yomiuri:
"In your toilet we'd like you to feel the vastness of the universe and realize that men and the Earth exist as part of the universe."

I actually own one of these. I got it five months ago from the little science museum on Mt. Sanbe. If I were sure I could get some more, I might start taking orders, but I still have unfulfilled Hello Kitty TP orders to mail yet. (>_<)


vanlal said...

Though I don't use TP, I want one of those!

PS ... please change my blog-link in your blogroll. The active one is

Heidi said...

*smiles sweetly*


I think that there would be a market for NEARLY any type of toilet paper illustrations... mainly because it's such a boring chore!