Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Today I arm-wrestled my JTE. In class. We taught comparative sentences. "Who is stronger, Ms. Chipmunk or Emily?"
And we went at it. For real. A classroom full of 14-year olds watching, our personal pride was at stake. We were well matched; it took almost a minute of precious class time before the victor emerged, but boy did those kids learn a valuable lesson:
"Ms. Chipmunk is stronger than Emily."
"Ms. Chipmunk is stronger than Emily," they repeated.


oook said...

Awww... you lost! :)

jen said...

we did an arm-wresteling match at my school one day too. when one of the girls asked me to arm wrestle, i think i feigned losing dramatically since i knew that i would lose if i tried. damn bukatsu!

even if it is brass band.....

Emily Watkins said...

Today we arm-wrestled again, and this time I won! Ms. Chipmunk was really surprised. "Emily, you got stronger!" As the winner, I had to challenge whichever student volunteered first. It was a kendo girl, so of course I lost.

Janelle said...

Wait...wait...your JTE's name is Ms. Chipmunk?!

Heeee! Arieneeee!!!

Emily Watkins said...

No, not really. But if you saw her, you'd agree it's a good nickname for her.

Jason H. said...



And yeah - I'm pretty sure I'm the only non-Japanese in Taisha - I saw stats one time at the BoE about town population and my supervisor pointed at the kanji for foreigner and the 1 and said that was Sara, and hence now me. Of course if there are foreigners who've married Japanese and changed citizenship that'd be diff.

And I'm being a little misleading to those readers not in Shimane - it's not like Taisha is some isolated town and I'm the ONLY foreigner they ever see - just down the road is Izumo which is just teeming with foreign types. :)