Thursday, March 18, 2004

Awful busy in June...

One conversation that took place yesterday in the lab went something like this:

[Scott and Joe exchange furtive glances and murmur half sentences to each other]
Joe: It has recently come to my attention that today marks the anniversary of the birth of someone known, and known well, to members of this lab. That's right: on this day was born Daniel Patrick Moynihan.
Me: Oh! Really?
Joe: Yes.
Scott: I call for a moment of silence in memory of our dear departed former senator.
[moment of silence]
Me: So, we're going to Chili's?

Other famous people born yesterday (so to speak) include:

  • James Madison, 1751

  • Jerry Lewis, 1926

  • Chuck Woolery, 1940

  • Erik Estrada, 1949

I got a card with a check from Poppa and Nana, and an Action Cat e-mail card from Mom and Kreg, asking when I'd next be in town, and if I'd rather receive my gift when I visit, or through the mail. Elisa sent me an e-mail card, too, and Bianca called (and left a message) and invited me to dinner at her place tonight. I also received myriad Happy Birthdays from the folks on Flickr; yay! Dad's taking me out to dinner tomorrow night, just the two of us, after his dance class. I told him to wait on getting me a gift; if I end up going to Japan, I'll ask him for luggage. If not, I think I'll as him for finches.

So I went to Bianca and Elisa's apartment for dinner tonight. Elisa's brother Nate is visiting from Oral Robert's University; Mike and Amy Danial arrived a half-hour after I got there, and Kevin came by shortly after that with Jamaican food. Chicken or oxtail, with some very tasty rice and beans; the portions were large, and I wasn't able to finish mine, so I brought the rest home with me. For dessert we had Bianca's famous cheesecake. Yum... I think I'm set for the week.

We got into a conversation about how often each of us calls our respective mothers. Elisa talks to her mom in Tacoma, WA every day. Her brother calls home once a week, though their mom would like him to call more often. Bianca calls home every one or two days. Kevin and I thought this frequency was somewhat excessive. But I know I don't call home as much as I should.
"Um, I called my mom on her birthday [in January]."
"What?!" Bianca said, "that's it? Emily...."
"I know! I know!"
So Mom, I won't make any promises, but I'll try to call more often."

And as I'm staring at my blog wondering what's causing the "Error on page," I notice that my banner ad reads:
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