Thursday, March 25, 2004

A Sad Day

...for a variety of reasons (none of which are terribly tragic).

For one thing, I forgot that Kevin's birthday was Monday. Not that I got a Happy Birthday from him till the day after mine, but you know.

Also, Unilever, makers of Finesse hair care products, as well as a bunch of other stuff, has apparently discontinued their 'styling potion,' of which I have been a consumer for the last two years. That was great stuff: it substituted nicely for conditioner (which takes forever to rinse out of my hair, a process that wastes valuable time and hot water), while keeping the frizzies at bay, more or less, and not stiffening my hair. Now I must begin anew the process of Finding the Right Hair Care Product for Me.
So I stood in CVS for about fifteen minutes tonight trying to choose which ones would be the newest contenders. I finally decided upon L'Oréal Studio FX Aqua Gel, L'Oréal Studio Styling Gel Lasting Curls, and TRESemmé Mousse Extra Hold (the first two were buy one get one free--bonus).

But the coup de grâce? That came when I lost a chess match to Joe in six turns.
Six. Turns.
How does one unintentionally lose a chess game in six turns, you ask? It's fairly easy, if one moves one's king's bishop's pawn (is that what it's called?) out of the starting block, blithely unaware of the gaping hole one has left in one's defences, and continues to make one's next two moves on the queen's side of the board, while one's opponent deftly moves the opposing queen to checkmate.
In an attempt to redeem myself, I accepted Joe's rematch challenge. Though I lost that one as well, it took many turns before my king was mated.
What can I say? I'm a bit rusty. I hadn't played a game of chess in two years, and while I'd won that game, it didn't help that my opponent was nine.

So it's merely the icing on the cake that my banner ad currently reads:
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After all, I asked for that one.

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