Thursday, June 03, 2004

Call for help

As you may have noticed from recent posts, I've been having a bit of a font problem whenever I blockquote something.

<blockquote>This is an example of something I might blockquote.</blockquote>

which then displays as:

This is an example of something I might blockquote.

So that was fine, but notice now this text. See how it's bigger than the text I entered above the blockquote? It's driving me nuts, frankly. And the good folks at Blogger can't figure it out, either. I e-mailed them, and this was their official response (three days later):

Thanks for writing in. Currently, Blogger Support does not support general CSS & HTML questions. Please see our Blogger Help article for details:

This problem may also be a problem specific to the Blogger template. Our engineers will look further into this problem and resolve it if it is a problem with Blogger.

I tried changing the font size after the blockquote to "2" (whatever that corresponds to), and the font itself is just about right, but the spacing between the lines is smaller, so it's not really a solution, as far as I'm concerned.

So if anyone out there can help me figure out what the problem is, I will be terribly grateful.
Thank you and goodnight.


Sal said...

>but notice now this text. See how it's bigger than the text I entered above the blockquote? nope

i think what you are getting is Browser-specific CSS-interpretation errors, almost certainly overflow-related. i have the same on my blog-- large posts screw some browsers such that the pagewidth is incorrectly specified as fixed, and fixed at some huge number of pixels such that they have to scroll sideways for everything

on mac os 9 and netscape 7.0, this double-blockquote + subsequent text displays quite normally

Emily Watkins said...

Yeah, it displays properly now because I took the cheap route out by changing my template. The problem was with my old template (Thisaway).

Though I primarily use IE, I think the original problem could be witnessed with any browser.

But thanks for your show of concern.