Sunday, May 30, 2004

A better picture

Thanks to Fetafetish on BigDaikon for providing me with a bit of information about Yokota and the surrounding area. The following is taken from a JET guide book of some sort, written by other ALTs (Assistant Language Teachers).

Both towns are very beautiful with rich environments, clean water, delicious Nita rice and kind people. Yokota is a rural farming area with this being its main industry. It's famous for manufacturing abacus and about 70% of Japan's abacus are made here. The tallest mountain in Shimane is a 10 min drive down the road. Except for winter, almost anytime of the year is a good time to sit in the backyard with a cooler of beer and a BBQ going. In the wintertime, there's skiing. If you don't have a car, it can be inconvenient to get around. Both towns have outdoor swimming pools, Nita holds a mountain bike race in the spring, and there are ski resorts and many onsens nearby. The Shimane Design School is in Yokota and offers classes to the community such as pottery, jewelry design, furniture making, and computer gaphics. There is a museum for the Tatara Iron making method, a metal-working technique used in making swords. There is a taiko drumming group that gives classes. In Aug there will be several festivals in the area. There is a Karaoke place but no dance clubs or anything like that. There are two grocery stores in town. There is a Juntendo store which is like a Home Hardware store (very helpful). There are one or two convenence stores but maybe only one that is 24 hours.

Yokota also has a train station. Woo!

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