Sunday, May 23, 2004

Litmus test

A coupla links from Stewart's blog:
Dear Overhaulin
Dear Maury

In short, both of these links point to (a blog which points to) blogs which, for one reason or another, have been mistaken for TV show websites, and have been deluged by comments, mostly from people who want to contact the shows. Most of the remaining comments are from people sadly shaking their heads, or taking pot shots at the misinformed.
From "Waitak," who posted a comment on the Maury entry:

I've just read through this thread. Honestly, I find it more heartbreaking than funny. The desperation in these posts is stunning. It's true that the people writing to "MUARY" don't understand that this is Ryan's blog (kudos to you Ryan for being relatively even-handed in your responses).

Stupid and uneducated people aren't the same, though. True 'nuf - lots of people don't know how to spell, lots of people don't "get" the Web, let alone the Internet, and lots of people get themselves into all SORTS of awful situations.

But to my mind, this is more about one culture (prospereous, educated, Internet-savvy) suddenly staring through a window into the soul of another (poor, mostly uneducated). It's hard to miss the insights that the responses give into BOTH of them. Lots of us have treated this thread as a sort of litmus test for intelligence. Maybe it's a litmus test for other things as well, like compassion and kindness.

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