Saturday, May 22, 2004


Got another nice fat manila envelope in the mail today from the good folks at the NY Consulate. Seems I'll be going to the prefecture (like a state or province) of Shimane, and more specifically to the town of Yokota.

There's more than one Yokota in Japan, just as there's more than one Springfield in the US; here's the one where I'll be.

I've already started a thread on BigDaikon, so if anyone there has some information about the area, you, my faithful blog readers, will know about it when I do.

This looks like the town's official webpage, but unfortunately for me it's all in Japanese, and most of the links on the homepage are gifs, not text, so Babel Fish can't translate them. What Babel Fish can translate, however, is the population of the town:
  • 7,895 people
    • 4,109 women
    • 3,786 men
  • 2,364 households

Yep, it's small.


Joseph said...

Congratulations on finally finding out where you will be teaching English for the next few years.

As far as I can tell from a quick google search, Shimane prefecture is probably going to be something like Delaware in terms of size, population, population density, or excitement. Here's were I'm getting some info:

Hope you like cattle

Anonymous said...

Congrats Honey! Kreg and I are excited for you! Love, Mom