Monday, September 13, 2004

Sating McAfee

I've added a couple more pre-dated posts; scroll down to see them. If you don't know which ones they are, don't worry; just start from the bottom of the page and read up.

I am typing to you from my laptop computer! Not because I have internet at my apartment, but because I brought my laptop to the Yokota BoE today (I used it at Yokota Elementary to show the kids some photos), and there was this little LAN plug sticking its head up, just begging to be plugged in. After asking permission, which was readily granted, I hooked ol' Bessy up to the internet.

Drink deep, Bessy. You'll not be tasting these waters again for some time.

But at least my virus scanner will stop pestering me for a few days.

Off to post some photos, while I have the chance.

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