Monday, November 01, 2004

My Book's Blog

How Not to Write a Novel

Well, it's slightly longer than that now, and hopefully will continue to get longer and longer until it reaches that fateful mark of 50,000 words.

I have a sketchy idea in my head of what I want to do with it, but I thought I'd make it fun for you and interesting for me by taking suggestions from the Peanut Gallery as I write.

Please do us both the favor of at least skimming the most recent chapter before making any suggestions in the comment box. Anyone can comment, but if you comment as Anonymous, please leave your name so I know who to credit.

And tell all your friends.


Anonymous said...

And where, pray tell, shall we find this book? Love, Mom PS: sorry to have missed you today

Emily Watkins said...

By following the link at the top of this post?
Works for me. :P

Anonymous said...

Sheesh! Love, Mom