Saturday, November 20, 2004


Today I woke up crying and went to bed with raw eyes.


Anonymous said...

/me hugs you

Kallese said...

Maybe I can't make everything better...but perhaps I can encourage a smile. A joke! Yes, a joke!

A chunk of concrete walks into a bar and orders a pint from the barman. Suddenly, a strip of tarmac walks into the bar and the concrete quickly leaps behind the bar to hide. The barman asks "What's up with you mate? You're twice the size of him." The concrete looks up and says "Yeah, but you don't know him like I do...he's a cyclepath!"

Indeed :) I hope tomorrow is a better day.

Emily Watkins said...

It was a better day. Thank you, minxy!
And um, thanks, I guess, to the mystery hugger. Though I tend to be wary of hug-happy strangers.