Thursday, July 15, 2004

Gmail Swap

Gmail invitations seem to be much less scarce lately. I've visited a few times, and I thought it was time to record what I've been given in exchange for my Gmail invitations.

One riddle (from sk8erstudpg):
"What sits in a corner and travels all around the world?"

One puzzle (from berger):
"Ten thieves are captured and brought before the king. Though their punishment is death, the king decides to give them one chance to live. He will place a small hat on top of each of their heads; each thief's hat is either black or white, but he cannot see his own hat. The hat colours could be in any ratio: all white, all black, or anywhere in between. The thieves will be assembled in one room, and the king will ask each one, in succession, what colour hat he is wearing. If at least nine of the ten thieves answer correctly, then they all will go free. If two or more are wrong, then they all will be sentenced to death. How can the ten ensure that they will be released?"

One photo (from sossy.t):

She let me name it, and she mailed me a copy.

And finally,
One song (from Fandangoya247):
Emily Watkins' Song
Kindly hosted by oook.

For your reference, below is the information I provided for song material; you can see he pretty much used it verbatim:

I live in Syracuse, NY, and graduated last year from Syracuse University with a bachelor's degree in physics; I also minored in philosophy. Since then I've been working on campus in the
Astrophysics Lab. I'll be leaving next month to move to Japan, where I'll be teaching English for at least a year. I don't know any Japanese yet. :P

I'm a born-again Christian, and active in my church. I like Nintendo, computer games (strategy, mostly), some books, introverted stuff like that. My favourite television show is _Stargate_SG-1_ (I'm listening to it in the background as I write this). I currently live with my dad and my younger brother.

Umm... I like cats. And art deco. And Peter Gabriel.

That should give you enough material for a couple of verses, huh? ;)
Feel free to use as much or as little of it as you like.

It should be noted that what I meant to say was art nouveau, not art deco. And he still mispronounced deco. And Gabriel.

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Peter said...

Just checking out's recent postings, found your blog. . .

LOVE the title. I'll be back.

Too tired for logic tonight though, I'm afraid.

Say hi to Upstate NY for me - grew up in Poughkeepsie.