Wednesday, July 14, 2004


Dad scheduled for me a dentist appointment, which was yesterday morning. I hadn't seen the dentist in six years, so I guessed that I'd have two cavities. Turned out I had only one, and that in a tooth that had been giving me a small bit of trouble for a couple of years. And on the top row of teeth, too! I had a filling done once on a lower tooth; they had to numb up the entire half of my jaw. I remember trying to bite down afterward, wondering why I couldn't close my mouth completely.
I finally realized it was my tongue in the way....

In order to get the filling done before I left, I had to go in this morning at 8am. Even though I was sleepy, I was still very tense, hoping hoping that the novocaine would be strong enough and I wouldn't feel the drill. As it was, the filling was less painful than the previous day's cleaning (all I can figure is that the hygienist was unduly rough in scraping the tartar off, since she said my gums weren't sickly or inflamed).

So now no more pain in the tooth when I bite down. The hygienist recommended that I brush and floss religiously while in Japan, so I can avoid having to figure out Japanese oral surgery terms.

Saturday I went with some friends to the Sterling Renaissance Festival. It was buy-one-get-one-free weekend. Lots and lots of people, but much shade and good weather. Here are some photos.

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