Monday, July 19, 2004

McDonald's Bag

Interesting reads, both:
Terror in the Skies, Again?
and the follow-up article, Part II.
(Sorry, Mom, if this freaks you out, less than a week before I fly to Japan.)

I also thought I'd draw some attention to a new addition to my sidebar:
It's so much better than, mostly because it's completely free. You don't have to pay to contact old classmates. Your e-mail address isn't shown on your profile (though it can be, if you choose to enter it in the mini-biography field), but if people want to contact you, they send you a message through the site, which is sent to your e-mail account; they won't find out what your address is unless you return their letters.
Also, you get open-ended fields in which to enter information about yourself, while has just weird survey-type forms.

Mostly, I want it to become popular enough so everyone from my alma materae (?) will hear about it.

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