Friday, July 30, 2004

Strange Japanese Television

I'm watching a program right now that seems to be some sort of game show, chiefly involving food. There is a panel of six people, and they get to try a variety of different dishes. The dishes' ingredients are explained, and their preparation demonstrated. Then one or more of the people eat a bite or two, and apparently guess the price—of the ingredients? of the restaurant price? I don't know. And then the real price is revealed. There was a six-way ping pong game during the intermission, which was whittled down to a five-way game, then four-way. Then back to the price-guessing game. At the end, there seemed to be some sort of elimination to see who got to pay the tab.

Now... I don't know what this is, but it seems to be a game show of some sort, with a mystery/detective story within it. Something about an American cab driver in some U.S. city, and one night he passes by the same old building three different times, and each time there is a different car which has stalled in front of the building. I know: like, Ooo, so spooky, right? Maybe there's more to it, but I can't understand what the spooky narrator voice is saying.

Ahh, okay, they've given the answer. All of the cars were set out as bait, with the keys left in the ignition. Each of the drivers was a would-be car thief who had fallen for the bait, driving the car out of the parking lot. But the cars were monitored by police, who could turn off the ignition and lock the doors and windows by radio control. The police always caused the cars to stall in the same place (cos apparently there was only one way out of the lot). They showed actual police videos from hidden cameras inside the cars. Cute.

Now there's another mystery involving diamonds and rattlesnakes in Europe. I don't know either.

For those of you who can't stand McDonald's latest catch phrase, I hate to tell you: i'm lovin' it is in Japan, too. And the AFLAC commercial! They spell it out in katakana at the bottom of the screen, but the duck still says, "AFLAC!"

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