Wednesday, January 21, 2004

My life is so difficult.

Mmm... rocky road ice cream... again....
A couple weeks ago Dad got two boxes of ice cream at the request of Tucker and myself. The next day, there were two more boxes of rocky road ice cream, which presumably came from Grammy. She goes on ice cream binges every now and then where she'll buy two or three boxes of ice cream at once, and proceed to eat half a box in one sitting. But she only spends two or three days a week at Dad's house, so the rest of the ice cream is community property. Dad tried the rocky road and didn't like it, and Tuck's back at college, so I'm left to finish off the ice cream.

Recipe for Frito salad:
1 head iceberg lettuce
black olives
Miracle Whip
2 cans tuna, drained
1 bag Frito corn chips

Prepare veggies as you would a tossed salad. Add remaining ingredients. Mayonnaise should not be substituted for Miracle Whip. I know, I hate Miracle Whip, too, but it makes this salad work. You should use enough Miracle Whip to lightly coat the salad, as you would with, say, ranch dressing. If you are preparing this salad a few hours before it is to be consumed, do not add the Frito chips until immediately before serving. There is nothing worse than soggy Frito salad; not famine, not pestilence, nothing. If you wish to substitute generic corn chips for Frito corn chips, proceed with caution--it's hit-and-miss. And be sure not to cut yourself while slicing the carrots; I'm still nursing a severed thumb. (That's a joke, Mom--everything's reattached, and the doctor says I'll be back to playing GameCube in four weeks, tops. In the meantime, I don't use my left thumb to type, so it's all good.)

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