Friday, February 13, 2004

I should be sleeping.

Dad's baking a honey ham. Mmm... honey ham....

So I got an interview for a position at SUNY Upstate. Very cool. I'd get to work with mice, an' stuff. I'll go to the interview, that's a no-brainer. But what do I do if they offer me a position? As far as my immediate future is concerned, I'd rather go to Japan than work at SUNY Upstate. But I won't know if I'm going to Japan until late March. I'll be 24 by then. The Upstate job would require a lot of training, since I have no background in biology, and I wonder if it would be kind of sketchy for me to take the job and then leave after four months (if I go to Japan). But then, what if I turn the Upstate job down, and then don't get selected to go to Japan? That would suck--I'd feel mad stupid.

Joe and Sol both say that, if I'm offered the Upstate job, I should take it and then leave after four months if I go to Japan. "Just say, 'Something better came up.'" Meh....

But I imagine I won't even have to face this problem: they're sure to be interviewing someone else with a biology background and better grades than I, so I won't be offered the position. (No, wait, think positive thoughts, remember?) Oh, yeah. Well, I guess it would be like having to choose between two really great guys who both want to date me.
Or nothing like that at all.

It's true: I really should be sleeping, since my plane to NYC leaves at 6am tomorrow. But my laundry's in the dryer, and I want to fetch it before I go to bed. Good news! The weather forecast for NYC tomorrow is sunny all day, with a high of 45F. I was afraid I'd be stuck wandering around Manhattan for seven hours in the rain.

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