Monday, February 02, 2004

"Hello, I'm Kettle. And you must be...."

In response to Scott's latest entry (as of the time of this posting):
  • Taking it way too seriously, eh? Good one; I'll have to save that for later. In all honesty, I'm pretty much over it; I was mostly shocked in the first place. I'll just have to remember to keep my cards prostrate during subsequent games. And further develop my latent power of X-Ray vision.

  • Granted, I probably would not have won the game even if I'd retained the cards in my hand. What mattered more to me at the time was that ill-gained evidence had been used against me. Law enforcement officers are not allowed to drive down the street with a heat-sensing device to determine if members of the populace have been growing pot in their attics. The RIAA is no longer allowed to subpoena your identity out of your ISP without some evidence that you've been downloading copyrighted material. You know how it is.

  • The fortune cookie was a joke. And I don't get paid to be funny, so the fact that it was unprofessional is moot. As to your charge of "uncalledforness," I would remind you of a certain German Chancellor who double-crossed a certain French Saint....

  • The link to your latest month of posts is provided in the column to the left. When I respond to one of your posts, I provide a link to that post. I think even you would agree that I would be most unwise to categorically affirm all of your opinions of me.

  • That I have been inducted into Scott's Internet Hall of Fame, I am most honoured. *curtsy*

So the Patriots won. Good. I even got a little nervous at the end. Stargate was on at 7 o'clock, so Dad and I watched that for an hour. We really didn't miss anything, though, since nothing interesting happened until the end of the second quarter. Some of the commercials were funny. Am I going to remember which products they advertised? Probably not. Well, that alien one, that was FedEx. But that winter volleyball one? I forgot who that was. And I generally don't bother to keep car companies straight as it is; an amusing commercial isn't much incentive.

Good night, Doodlebug.

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