Tuesday, February 10, 2004

It worked!

My sleep experiments aren't always successful, but this one was. I didn't even plan on doing it until it was 7am Saturday and I still hadn't gone to bed. I knew I couldn't get back on track without severely overhauling my circadian rhythm, so I decided to force myself to sleep as long as I could on Saturday, then stay up till Sunday evening and go to bed at, like, Grammy's bedtime. Actually, I was aiming for after Stargate.

So that's what I did: I slept until 6pm on Saturday, stayed up all night, took a 40-minute nap somewhere around 7:30am so I started getting ready for church later than I'd have liked (sorry, Elisa!), came home after church, forced myself to stay awake by chatting online (since it had worked so well on Friday night), turned on the television at 7pm and noticed that I'd already seen that episode, went back upstairs and chatted a bit longer, and then fell asleep at about 8:30pm. I slept so-so, due in part to the fact that I hadn't changed out of my jeans, and got up at about 8:30am. Waited for Dad to get ready so I could get a ride from him, and got into work at 10:30. Ta-da! Now, to reproduce that last effect, I need to find my way to the bed within the next twenty minutes.

And as for Atlas, I haven't spent any time with him in the last few days. I plan on dumping Mister Galt and getting on with the storyline.

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