Friday, February 20, 2004

"You got basil on my orange!" "You got orange in my basil!"

Some of you noticed the away message that I'd kept up for two or three days. It comes from a Big Daikon message board, on which a JET interviewer posted:

During the interview, we look for specific things, usually my team members each take a specific part, with me trying to tactfully ask the tough stuff (medical history, arrests, and the other "red flags"). Others focus on the academic and knowledge of Japan and teaching. I also try to check your knowledge of the actual job and it's duties while giving a little advice.... We then rank you against the others that we have interviewed through out the day....
After we do all of this, I think your applications are thrown off of the Tokyo Government tower in Shinjuku and every application which winds up in Jingu stadium is accepted.

Here is the specific post within the context of its thread.

In other news... there is no other news. 'Cept for this basil mandarin candle--kind of an interesting scent.

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